Melbourne Video Production Company

Online videos are fantastic ways to reach larger audiences, but if you do not use them properly, it can harm your company reputation rather than give it a boost.

Why can’t we make a video in-house?

While you might consider filming a video for your company using the new intern and the breakroom, it is important to remember that while anyone with a camera can film a video, not everyone can film a good video. Again, bad content will harm your company more than hurt it which is why you need to consider working with a video production Melbourne based company to ensure you receive clean, smart footage that is successful in boosting your brand recognition.

There are a few things that a professional video production Melbourne based company just does better, as well they should given that they are professionals.

1) Lighting

Lighting is actually one of the biggest challenges that people face when creating a video. Everyone has had days where they capture the sun bouncing off of the local coffee shop in an artistic manner using their automatic settings on the $500 SLR camera, but this is often a random occurrence, one which will not happen with regularity.

In fact, quality lighting needs to not just illuminate your subject, but also highlight the scenery around the subject. If the subject is a person, then your task is even more challenging because angles of light have a propensity for casting unflattering shadows under aspects of the face such as the nose and chin, and these are not easily rectified using the automatic settings on your camera.

But professional video producers know all about these challenges. They have the skills to predict what lighting they will require both indoors and outdoors, day or night.

Video Camera Equipment2) Noise

While the standard smartphone has all of the high tech video abilities to capture a cute cat or child at the park, the background noise is something that most people do not realize is there until they upload their video to their friends and family. Playing back amateur videos on a computer or television will reveal the background noise which interferes with your message.

Sound is actually one of the most challenging components to creating a video especially when you cannot possibly know what sounds to anticipate in your background. A professional video production Melbourne based company knows how to compensate for any background noise, they know which microphones should be used in louder rooms, and they know how to capture audio even with severe winds in the background. Audio is also one of the most challenging aspects to fix after the video has been shot, and it might result in your new intern spending hours and hours listening to the track you have in an attempt to fix it all. But working with a professional circumvents this problem entirely.

Even if you enjoy taking amateur videos at home, professional online videos for your company may not be the best place to try and showcase your skills. Instead, turn to a professional video production company that is already accustomed to filming and editing high quality content. They can tell a story, combine the footage in a manner that is compelling, and get the best quotes and shots to give your company brand the boost it needs.