SWTOR Crew Skills Guide – Follow with the Updates

This is an updated manual so you are aware of the changes which are coming in patch 1.2. The vast majority of things remain the same but it is worth being aware of a few changes that may affect how you craft, collect and create credits. To get a random fact from stats that are taken in the main SWTOR site it claims that 52 MILLION items are produced or harvested in the sport weekly. Additionally, there are 35 million things changing hands on a weekly basis.

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So in the match terms of market you could say that business is booming here are the changes to be Aware of in sport once patch 1.2 goes live:


When You Have the Armormech skill you will now have the ability to learn Aim, Cunning, Shield and Absorb Augments in addition to reverse engineer them to get an opportunity to find an artefact of every one. Also with this ability you will now have the buy swtor credits to reverse engineer virtually all orange modifiable things and if successful it means you will find the identical item back with an excess mod slot.


If you have this skill you may now have the ability to learn Endurance, Surge, Crucial, Accuracy and Power Augment schematics and you will have the ability to reverse engineer these to research their prototypes. You will also have the ability to Reverse engineer the Vibroknife and shotgun variants to this may permit you to get the identical weapon with an additional augment slot.


There are quite a few changes To Artifice and the most noticeable is the change in the colour crystals. Also there will be schematics for the crystals and these will be known as Elder game crystals and you will get these as drops in Flashpoints. An interesting change with this Skill is you will have the ability to unlock schematics for the crystals by playing PVP games and this permits you to use crystals which are better suited to warzones. Lastly you will be able to Create Willpower based safeguards that of course will work very well for the Seth Inquisitors and Jedi Shadows.


This ability does not have any Noticeable changes in route.


With this ability you will now be Able to sell any vehicles that you create on the GTN Global Trade Network since they will no longer be bound to you. Also in the event you get critical success as you are crafting grenades with this ability you will get double the number of grenades given to you


With this ability you will now be Able to learn the schematics for Strength, Willpower, and Defence, Alacrity and Presence and you may reverse engineer these to hopefully get an orange thing with an additional Augment slot.