Five Reasons Women Love Romance Movies-Streaming On AHA

Five Reasons Women Love Romance Movies-Streaming On AHA

However stereotypical it may sound, women love to watch romantic movies. Maybe not all women, but compared to men, women who like to watch this particular genre more. Romance is usually associated with femininity, and most women like to be treated romantically. So, romantic films are kind of a getaway from the daily stress for many women, and if you are also one of them, you can watch dozens of romantic Telugu webseries online streaming on AHA.Now, why do women mostly love watching romantic movies? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Non-violence

Women usually do not resort to violence, and thus, they cannot freely associate with films that depict violence. Of course, the Telugu movies containing romance contain some form of violence, but most of the things in these movies display violence only when needed. Women love watching romantic comedy movies like Mail, OreyBujjiga, etc., that are void of or have less violence.

  1. Ideal men

In romantic movies, the male lead is mostly an ideal man who all the females supposedly like in the film. The male lead is exceptionally handsome and also kind from the heart. This kind of character wins the heart of many women, and it is given that in a romantic movie, the male lead will be an ideal one. Women like to watch their favourite male actors like Dhanush in Three, Vijay Devarakonda in Ye MantramVesave, etc., playing these ideal male romantic characters.

  1. Expression of emotions

In action films and other genres, the male lead’s emotions are ignored to a great extent. Rather the person is made into a god-like character devoid of feelings and only knows how to fight. But in romantic movies, the male lead is given the freedom of expressing his emotions. Women like to watch films like Luca Alias Johny, Oh My Friend, etc., where the male lead have freely expressed their emotions.

  1. Drama

Sometimes romantic movies contain drama which is a favourite genre for many women. It is not like men do not like to watch drama films, but the romantic drama is a genre that is more liked by women. A drama film is always interesting and keeps the audience hooked, and women love watching films like Dev, Suryakantham, etc., on OTT platforms for original movies and web series.

  1. Satisfying happy endings

Most romantic films and comedy action have a happy ending, leaving a good after-taste after watching the movie. Women love to watch feel-good films that aim at making the audience smile and feel happy for the characters. Once the audience associates themselves with the characters and the characters have a happy ending, it becomes highly satisfying. Women love watching films like Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna, AmaramAkhilamPrema, which have a highly satisfying ending.

These are the few reasons why women love to watch romantic movies that are streaming on AHA. You can also watch thriller movies by downloading the Telugu Thriller movies on your mobile.